Shock and Awe

I’m nearing the two-year anniversary of what I affectionately call the “Shock and Awe” part of my journey.  Back when the shit hit the fan in my life and I basically cracked open and let the pieces fall where they may. “Traumatic” is one of many words that easily comes to mind when I think of those times. Wow. Two years. So weird how it seems like the blink of an eye, while at the same time, an eternity. A lifetime. Can a lifetime really fit into just two short years? I think so. I feel like a completely different person compared to two years ago. Except I didn’t change into someone different. I just became more myself.

Settling into myself feels good. I wish I knew this version of me a long time ago, but that just wasn’t the plan. I don’t think it would feel the same, if I had always been this version of me. I don’t think I would appreciate it nearly as much. No, I think one has to go through the shock and awe of it all in order to appreciate the value in finding one’s “self”.  Funny, I never even realized I had no sense of self, until I found it. Until I found her. And damn, she’s amazing. I love her…



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8 thoughts on “Shock and Awe”

  1. “I wish I knew this version of me a long time ago.” When I read that sentence, I remembered a meditation where you imagine going back in time and sending a loving message to your younger self. I’ve sent: “It’s going to be okay – even better than okay. God has a plan!” So, maybe in a way, we get a glimpse of a wiser version of ourselves.Then I get to wondering if a future version of myself has sent me a message lately. I’m confusing myself, but it still feels good.

    1. Hmmm….maybe I never did write back to you. I must have meant to, then fell asleep and assumed I did. Yeah, that’s a good answer, ha ha! Anyhoo… this whole process is all about loving our younger selves, isn’t it?

      1. Love!!!
        It flies when you are away from narcissists who slowed time down to their liking through their manipulation. Now it is like we are the Olympic down hill skiers flying like the wind!!!!!

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