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I’m 44 and live on Cape Cod. I’m a nurse, a mom, a business owner, a beginning writer, and I love to spend time on my boat.  I’ve got a quirky bulldog named Maddie and love being goofy with my friends. This is what I call my “Facebook me”…the parts I show to the world to let them know how normal and happy and successful I am.

Now for the “Blog me”. I am in the process of getting a divorce. I am a survivor of childhood sexual and physical abuse and abandonment. These events have resulted in abandonment issues and PTSD. These are the parts I haven’t shown to the world because I’ve been living under a blanket of numbness, shame and guilt most of my life and there was no way in hell I would EVER face or even admit the things that caused those feelings. The funny thing is, I never knew I was living under that blanket. As far as I knew, the “Facebook me” was me, with just a little something “off”.  I could sort of tell I was faking it, but I never really knew why. Thank God for therapy.  With the help of my amazing therapist (who encouraged me to journal through my pain), I ripped off that blanket like a band aid, exposing my flaws, my wounds, my trauma and all my uglies to me…and now to you.

So, if you don’t like looking at open wounds, or healing wounds or dirty band aids…sorry you happened to stumble across me. But…if you’ve been scraped, bruised or run over by a train along the way, maybe you’ll find something here to help you heal.  Or maybe you’ll find something to make you laugh, and that’s better than nothing.

How I escaped from my cocoon while running a business and raising two kids without completely losing my mind

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