Sad Season

We had another unseasonably warm day today in New England. At least, that’s what they say. I don’t really think we should be calling it that anymore, because I can remember being out on my boat the last two Octobers. I would have been  out on it today for sure, if the marina hadn’t closed last week.  Everyone’s been asking me if I’ve put the boat away yet. Each time they ask, my smile disappears and my shoulder a slump a little bit as I nod my head. It’s almost like I’m slightly in mourning. Then most of them end up feeling bad for bringing it up. I know, I know…it’s a first world problem.  I don’t really mind having first world problems. I mean, if the worst thing I have to worry about is boating season being over, I’m doing pretty well then. Of course, I always have bigger  things to worry about than that, but I’m making a conscious effort to try to not worry about those ones. This one’s easier because I know it’s temporary. Summer WILL return!

So, what’s a single woman to do on a sunny, warm Saturday in October? Well, seeing how I live on Cape Cod, the possibilities are ENDLESS! I’m sure your mind is racing with various exciting scenarios. Well, whatever it is you’re imagining, just stop. I went to the dump. I mowed the lawn. I did three loads of laundry INCLUDING all our sheets. I took my mom to two yard sales. I pulled weeds from the walkway. I helped the boys clean their rooms.  I’m sure I did some other things that are  apparently not even worth remembering.  However, I find all of this to be somewhat satisfying, as I neglect ALL these things during boating season.  With me working this new job and trying to squeeze in time on the water on my days off, there just isn’t time to keep up with the house and the yard.  There were many days over the past few months where our house looked like one of those houses on Cops…trash littered everywhere, hungry dirty children wandering around without adult supervision.

Not to mention, I’m still getting used to the yard being my responsibility. So, I’m sorry to my neighbors who had to watch things get kind of out of control over here the past few months, but a single working mom just has to prioritize things sometimes. Besides, my crappy yard just makes yours look nicer, so… you’re welcome.


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6 thoughts on “Sad Season”

  1. Hee hee! I remember those days. My yard did make the other people’s yards look great. I remember going out with scissors to cut down the taller weeds because I had no lawn equipment, not even a lawnmower. I had hungry kids in the yard too, and an unkempt dog. All I needed was a few chickens to round out the picture.
    I’m in mourning for summer, but luckily am visiting Florida this weekend. Maybe you can squeeze in a trip down south this winter!?

    1. That would be nice. I did just go to California, so might be tough to get any more time off. My brother does have a place in Ft Myers Beach…maybe I can do a quick Friday-Sunday night type of thing?

  2. Being outside on the water, hiking, or even pulling weeds are all great reasons for a messy house. My yard has the natural look. It makes the neighbors’ yards look well-manicured.

  3. I hear you about having the boat put away when it’s totally a boating day. Bummer. I’m no longer near my power boating place (Maine), so I have to settle for throwing a kayak in the car. But we’re into the rainy season here in WA, so I put the kayaks away. As for cleaning up bedrooms and laundry, I definitely let those things slide when the weather calls to be outside. One thing I really miss about living in Mass was when we’d get a frost and the lawn would die out for the winter. There was no mowing in the winter. Where I live now, our grass stays green all winter (even with frosts and snow), and there are even some people who mow during the winter. Granted, the growth slows way down. I can’t because our lawn becomes giant puddles and muddy areas. As much as I like to mow (because we have a ride-on and it gives me a break from everything), I wish I had a husband who actually thought about tending our yard, and who would actually go outside on his own and do yard work. My guy won’t do yard work unless I’m out there doing it already, or if I specifically ask him to do something. That said, he does have other talents, such as repairing my broken appliances.

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