I can’t say I’ve ever been big on making New Year’s Resolutions. Always seemed kind of cheesy to me. I guess I figured if I wanted to change something, I would. I guess I never wanted to change much before last year.

On New Year’s Day 2017,  I joined a few friends at our local beach. We braved the winds and gathered some flat rocks. Using a sharpie, we wrote intentions on the stones…positive affirmations of what we desired in our lives for the upcoming year.  Boy, did I have a lot of desires…I gathered EIGHT rocks! I scribbled my wishes on them, cast them into the ocean, holding on to the faith that the Universe would return them to me. I was not let down.

I came across a photo of the stones a few days ago. I teared up a bit when I saw what I had written.  A few of the tears were from sadness, because it really was a shame that on that day, I did not feel like I had any of those things in my life, or in my soul. But, most of my tears  were from happiness, or really…gratitude, because as soon as I saw the picture, I knew that I really did have all of those things in my life, and in my soul. Actually, I’ve had all of these things inside me the entire time… my entire life. I just had to learn how to uncover them, how to see them. A year later, and my eyes are wide open. Amazing how some of us can just stumble blindly through life, thinking God forgot about us when he was handing out these qualities. We all have them, you know…all of us.

I’ll be returning to the beach again on Monday. It’s a tradition now.  I was thinking about writing the same intentions and casting them into the waves, just for good measure. Or maybe I won’t write anything at all.


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