Thinking ink

I’m thinking my last post was kind of heavy. Well, I suppose most of them are, aren’t they? Anyway, I’m changing it up tonight, people! Tonight’s topic: ink.

I have three tattoos, and they all suck. I got them when I was immature and impulsive and I regret all three of them.  At least they are tiny and easy to hide. One of them, I am thinking about getting covered up. I actually have been researching tattoo artists in the New England area for the past couple of years, because I don’t want to rush into it like I did the first time. I’ve been searching for someone who style I like. I finally came across someone last year and made an appointment for an evaluation and really decided what I wanted to get.  I had been focusing on this tattoo that my brother had for several years now. I figured, if I liked it for this long, I wouldn’t regret it. His children have the same tattoo and I thought it would be awesome for all of us to have a “family tattoo”. I was so sure!  And then I changed my mind, ha ha. That’s the thing about tattoos, permanent is more permanent than you think. It’s a lot longer than having the same idea for three years and thinking that it will never change.

So,  what made me change my mind was the connection to nature I discovered while going through this crazy journey of mine.  This tattoo artist that I found asked me to describe what I wanted and why I wanted it and all that, and I told her that if I could have the perfect tattoo, it would consist of a deer, a hawk, a butterfly, and a buffalo skull.  Doesn’t that sound like a horrible tattoo?!  I would have to devote my entire back to a nature scene like that, and there is no way that’s happening. Each one of those animals symbolize something important to me though.  Everyone is telling me that a butterfly is the obvious choice. I think they are right.  Maybe I can condense it down to a butterfly with a hawk feather and maybe a deer footprint. Just like editing my article… “Trim that shit down, girl!” This artist is pretty amazing and can design some spectacular nature scenes,  so I’m sure we will figure out something together.  I was actually supposed to have the meeting with her in April, but it just so happened to coincide with the date of my Reiki certification class, and I felt like that was more important at the time, so I postponed her. Unfortunately, she’s super busy and in DEMAND and I have to wait until next spring. I guess that will give me plenty of time to decide on such a permanent decision. Any thoughts?



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This post was written in response to Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Social Consciousness Saturday….which is pretty much the only thing that seems to get me to write lately. Thanks, Linda.


6 thoughts on “Thinking ink”

  1. My thoughts are that whatever you choose will be beautiful. The reason I have no tattoos is because I cannot decide on something that means enough to me. That’s sort of sad when I write it out like that but true. My kids names maybe but that seems unoriginal therefore not special. So for now I go inkless while admiring the artwork on others.

  2. Can’t wait to see your final design. I’m too chicken to commit to something so permanent on my body. I like tattoos and have considered getting one, but have never come up with an image that I could envision on my body at 75 years old. The craziest I got was putting a few extra holes in my ears (3 holes in each ear) – and I only use one in each these days.

    1. If I had never gotten these stupid little ones when I was younger, I definitely would NOT be getting one now. I need a coverup, and these awfully drawn dolphins are just not cutting it anymore!

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