A dad, his daughter and a motorcycle

When I was in first grade, my dad bought a motorcycle. There’s not much cooler than that to a six-year-old kid. I can remember the excitement I felt when he bought me my very own helmet. A few times a summer, he would take me for a ride. I would hold on tight, never afraid. He was strong and I felt so safe with him. I felt so special on those days. I felt important to him, worthy of his time. Sometimes, we’d ride over to the ice cream shop. We’d lean against the fence, eating our cones, making small talk. Then we’d hop back on and head home, always taking the scenic route, along the beach. I loved the feeling of the wind on my arms as I wrapped them around him tightly. Those rides were never long enough. I wanted to ride with him forever.

I can’t remember the last ride. I suppose they just tapered off as I got older. Things changed. Our family changed. We all became different. Things happened. Things that caused those feelings of worthiness to vanish. I still don’t have them.

He’s got a motorcycle now. I don’t ask for rides anymore, and he doesn’t offer. He doesn’t understand. Those special feelings I had are so faded, I often wonder if they were real. It’s funny how a memory can make you smile and cry at the same time. I would’ve ridden with him forever…

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13 thoughts on “A dad, his daughter and a motorcycle”

          1. Hmm. Are you germ phobic by any chance? I just ask because everyone I know who is a nurse is germ phobic at least a bit. In other words, it just might be the nurse in you about motorcycles (and that’s probably a good thing).

            1. Not really. I mean, I am as far as not spreading colds and such. I won’t touch a public doorknob or public fawcet….or public railing, or escalator, or elevator buttons…but other than that, I think I’m pretty average:)

  1. Yup. Germ phobic. (nudge, giggle) The acid mantle on your skin is an amazing protective barrier as long as you don’t use hand sanitizer. But then again, I don’t work around sick people. I love balms with essential oils in them for my hands because all essential oils have either antibacterial, antifungal properties or both. Oregano oil is amazing. It will even take care of parasites.

  2. Awww, what I lovely memory. There are things I miss doing with my dad too. It’s a special relationship between a little girl and her father. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your memory with us, Jami. <3

  3. Loved my dad so much. This made me cry. Yes, little girls and dads…..my dad died young, 33 yrs ago. Do something for yourself and him while there is still time. Try to get some of that special relationship back.

    1. I’m trying. We have it, but only with conditions, so it’s hard for me. I’m learning to let go of expectations and accept what it is he can offer, it’s just hard. I know I will have regrets, either way, once he’s gone, so I’m trying…

  4. Hi Jami, and Happy New Year! This is just a test comment. I’ve been having the same problems I’ve had commenting here at a few sites too. I’m trying to get it sorted out and have been asked to try commenting again at sites where it has happened. Hoping to find a solution!

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