J spells my name

Last month, I took a girls weekend to Connecticut. We specifically went to go on a river cruise to look at American Bald Eagles (which was SPECTACULAR, by the way) and ended up hiking through a couple of really cool state parks. It was dinnertime by the time we headed back to Massachusetts, so we made a spur of the moment detour into Mystic for some pizza. You know, “Mystic Pizza”…the Julia Roberts breakout film…

Mystic is a pretty cool town. It’s quaint, on the water, with a charming main street filled with various shops and eateries. Everything was named “Mystic” something or other. Mystic Pizza, Mystic Army Navy, Mystic Florist . As we neared the public parking lot, I noticed “Mystic Psychic”.  It was an unassuming little sign, tucked in between the touristy shops and bars. I normally wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in psychics and mediums and the like, but one called “Mystic Psychic” just sounds gimmicky, right? Well, after about 10 seconds, I just knew I was going in there. It was so weird…I had no idea we were even going to Mystic, and once we decided to go, all we had planned was pizza and maybe stopping in a few of the shops. I just could not shake the feeling of having to go in there. We parked the car and I told my girlfriends, “I have to go to that psychic”.  We rounded the corner and came upon the cutest store filled with unique trinkets and handmade items…totally up my alley. As we looked around the store, I realized it was time to go. “I’m going to that psychic now”, I told them. I was so nervous that if I waited too long, I wouldn’t get in. I ditched them in the store and headed down the road.

As I opened the door to the psychic, I felt a little confused. It was an apartment. I could see baby toys in the living room, and a kitchen off to the side. I was beginning to think I accidentally walked into someone’s home and was about to sneak back out when she came out of the room. A young girl, with dark  hair…some type of accent I can’t even begin to guess… maybe Greek? I dunno. Anyway, she takes my money for a palm reading and gets to work.

She starts by telling me I’m an old soul, that I’ve lived other lives before this one…yada yada yada. Two minutes into it and I’m thinking I’ve been had, when suddenly…her expression changes. “What does the letter J mean to you?” I tell her, “It spells my name…it’s the first letter”. I didn’t want to feed her any extra information, you know? She continues, “You do know you are creative, right?” I said, “Well, sometimes…”. I was thinking of how I’d spent a few nights at the local art bar over the past year or so, but also thinking of how the art gene sort of skipped over me. She interrupts my thoughts. “People are going to know your name. They are going to know your name in three to five years.” She kept studying my palms, almost squinting, as if there was some faint writing on them that was difficult to see. “I see these hands writing. That’s how people will know your name. You aren’t writing for money, but the money will follow. You are writing because you’ve been through an awful lot in the past few years, and writing is how you heal yourself. You will write to help heal others, and they will know your name…in three to five years”. Holy crap! I looked over at my friend, Tracy, and we just stared at each other in amazement. Anyone who knows me knows that I write, and it’s only started last year because of what I’ve been through in my healing process. My therapist suggested a journal, and things just took off from there.  I’d never written a single thing before last year…and now I’m in the process of sharing my stories in the hopes it will resonate with others and help them learn to tell their own. Damn, this girl was good.

Around two weeks later, I received a letter from the “American Journal of Nursing”. They are going to publish one of my essays on the back cover of their journal this fall. And last week, I was notified by another nursing journal, “Nursing 2017”, that they plan to publish a different essay of mine.  Needless to say, I’m pretty damn excited about this…my first publications and I’m two for two!  I can’t help but wonder, if it’s this exciting now with these two stories getting published…what will happen in “three to five years”?




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  1. My husband grew up near mystic. and I’ve enjoyed visiting the quaint little town. We always get “a slice of heaven” at Mystic Pizza. Next time, if I see the Mystic Psychic sign, I’ll be tempted to knock on her door. It sounds like it turned out to be a positive experience.

  2. I’ve been to some amazing mediums. When you are with someone genuine, it’s very reassuring. And it is SO COOL that you will be publishing articles! After you have two published, you can include those in your clippings when you submit to other publications, and then you will be much more likely to be published again. And then it snowballs! (Can you tell I’m in the publishing business?) This is FANTASTIC news! I enjoy reading you blog and look forward to your further success.
    And I know your name. ; )

    1. No, I did not know you were in publishing…I don’t even know YOUR name!

      (And I love reading your blog, too)

  3. Beautiful! I love it. Yes. You connect to others by writing out your pain, your struggles, your triumphs, and you do it in such a way that people relate. It’s cathartic as hell, isn’t it? You definitely have the gift of communicating through the written word. That impulse you felt to see the psychic was your intuition steering you to receive this message. Well done for following it. The more you follow impulses like that, the more your life will change for the better; but you’re already seeing that I bet. Bravo!

    1. Thank you! It sure is cathartic. My blog posts are so toned down compared to my personal journal…you can only imagine what’s in those pages?

  4. Congratulations on being published! It’s very interesting to hear this story of your trip, the psychic, and being drawn to go see her. …I thought the movie was a good one, too! 🙂

  5. Whoooo chills but how exciting. I only seen a physic once as I first came to the states and she told me things she could not possibly guessed or gotten lucky with. I believe in it and the coincidences are just too great to ignore that there isn’t something.
    Hey congratulations, I’m so happy for you and I’m beyond thrilled to already know your name my dear Jami xoxoxoxo

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