How to reblog posts without “sharing buttons” ***Updated 4/13/17

Hi friends. I’ve had several people ask me how to share/reblog my posts, since I don’t have a “reblog” button. My word press site is a self hosted, so it’s not allowed to have a re-blog button. If you want to share my posts, there are now THREE ways.

First, you can download “Press This” found at this link        This attaches to your tool bar and lets you share anything you come across on the internet.

The second way is to ping-back. Click on the post you are interested in, then copy what’s in the address bar at the top of the page. Then, paste it into the body of your post and it will create a link to my post, or whoever you’re trying to share.

The third way, which just might be the easiest, is to download the plugin Sumome. It allows you to add a sharing toolbar which has a WordPress button in it. Many thanks to Chris at The Story Reading Ape for giving me this tip!

Good luck!


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